Why should we trust when we know better?

Do you have trust issues? Do you have trouble trusting when it seems all logic is telling you otherwise? What do we do in those situations where God asks us to do something that does not make sense to us? 

We all have times when our knowledge and experience tells us that something is not going to work?  It might be that we have tried it before with no success or it could be that the mere thought of doing what God is asking doesn’t seem logical to you.

There is a story in the bible where Jesus asks Simon to do that exact thing, to trust Him against all logic, Luke 5:1-11.
Simon and his crew had been out fishing all night with no success. As they were cleaning there nets Jesus approaches and asks them to take Him out on the waters.

They anchored a little way off shore and Jesus began to teach the crowds that lined the shore. The water made a lovely amplifier for Jesus voice so all that had gathered could hear him clearly.
After Jesus had finished teaching He asked Simon to take Him out deeper for a catch.

I wonder how Simon and the crew felt?

They had been hard at work fishing all night. They had no sleep and to add to that they had nothing to show for it.

Simon was a fisherman with years of experience. He knew the ocean. He knew the seasons. Simon had experienced the frustration of desiring something yet not being able to make it happen.

Yet, in spite of his wisdom and experience, Simon, decides to do exactly what Jesus says and let down the nets. To his and I’m sure the crews astonishment they bring in a huge catch.

Sometimes it feels like we have been up all night fishing with no results and then God asks us to cast our nets out again.

Are we willing to trust Him and let our nets out again.

Will we let our past experience or our intellect stop us from trusting Him with abandon?

It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t say to Simon “let your nets down and ‘hopefully’ you will catch some fish.” V4 He said “let your nets down to catch some fish.” Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen.

When we let go and trust Jesus opportunity arises for miracles to happen.

It’s in admitting that as smart and as knowledgeable that we think we are things are done much better in Gods strength.  This can be confronting because sometimes the past has been very painful and we don’t wish to revisit it again. But what if God was in the boat with you saying, “let’s go out and catch some fish?”

I am learning to respond in the same way Simon did to Jesus “…this has been my experience so far Lord, but if you say so ….”

Is God asking you to let the nets down again? Is He prompting you to give it another try?

Are you willing to step out in faith even though it might seem impossible?  What God is really asking is, “do you trust me?” How will you answer Him today?

I realise that there are times You are going to ask me to do things that are beyond my comprehension. Help me to remember Your faithfulness and have the courage to let my nets out again.

Question: In what areas of you life do you find trusting God the most challenging? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Why should we trust when we know better?

  1. Another great post Leanne. Your words touched my heart and are very encouraging to me.
    I appreciate the time and heartfelt prayer that goes entirely each message.
    Thank you so much!
    God bless you back x seven.