4 Keys to an effective prayer life

Part 1: Transforming your prayer life through silence

Do you ever struggle to pray to God? Does it sometimes feel like you a speaking and nobody’s listening?

Prayer can be challenging. Prayer can be overwhelming and sometimes when prayer seems like a lonely place we try to avoid it.

Prayer is important. Prayer is a significant part of our relationship with God. So how can we engage with prayer in a way that is exciting, fulfilling and a time of great connection with God.

Over the next 4 weeks I am going to share with you 4 keys to building an effective prayer life. I want to equip you to do away with having to struggle and strive but to flourish and look forward to spending time in prayer.

Let me begin by demystifying prayer. Prayer is simply connecting with God.

We connect with God by listening to Him, talking to Him and joining with Him in warfare.

The first key to a vibrant prayer life begins with listening.

Often we can spend a lot of our time in prayer speaking to God without taking the time to listen to what He wants to talk about! We then wonder why our time seems unproductive? What if God has something He wants to communicate to us today and we spend the whole time talking! I wonder how much we miss out on hearing from God because we simply don’t ‘zip it’ and listen?

We also fall into the trap of sharing our heart with Him and then don’t take the time to allow Him to respond. Imaging if you were in a conversation with a friend sharing with them your heart and asking for their guidance then as soon as you have finished speaking you leave the room! How odd would that be? Yet we do that with God all the time. We expect Him to speak to us while we are on the run then get mad at Him when we feel He isn’t answering us. It is essential to make time to sit still and simply listen.

When we take the time to be quiet and listen to God He shows us amazing things and speaks into those things that are deep in our heart. He will speak about things in the future and He will speak clarity to confused thoughts.

Silence is a challenge for us. Our lives are filled with so many distractions that taking time to be silent takes discipline. Listening is so critical if we are going to grow in our relationship with God.

If we spend the majority of our prayer life talking instead of listening, we are going to miss out on a huge part of connecting with God and capturing His heart.

Jesus had a perfect prayer life with His Heavenly Father and we would be wise to follow His example. In John 5:19 Jesus says that He only does what He sees the Father doing.

How does Jesus know what the Father’s doing?

Jesus often withdrew and spent time listening to His Father. In fact, scripture says He frequently withdrew from crowds to pray, Luke 5:16. Now, if Jesus needed to withdraw and get alone with God and listen to Him how much more do we need to do the same?

If you have been a talker rather than a listener I want to encourage you today to make the decision to become a listener in prayer. God has things He has wanted to share with you for a long time. Give Him the opportunity to speak and you will be amazed at what He is going to say.

Please forgive me for the times I have not taken the time to sit at your feet and listen. Will you help me to quieten my heart, connect you and hear your heart.

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