Have you lost your wonder?

Has your life experience made you a more cautious person?  Have past hurts left you anxious about stepping into a similar place again?  What if past experiences were holding you back from stepping into your God given calling?

I have been challenged recently about wonder. Holy Spirit showed me that a past event was robbing me of stepping into a future opportunity.

I was anxious that the past would repeat itself if I stepped into that arena again.  And I definitely did not want to have another painful experience.

It’s a bit like putting your hand out and getting it slapped, you are reluctant to put your hand out again!

So I was caught in a tug a war between my God given desires and the anxiety of past experience.

Somewhere along the way I left behind the childlike wonder of God.  You know that wonder that causes you to dream the impossible and believe it can happen.

I started to become very serious, well more serious than usual!  My anxiety of being hurt or making the wrong decision was stopping me from stepping out again.

Have you lost your wonder?

Losing our wonder stops us from stepping wholeheartedly into the opportunities that God is putting before us.

In Numbers 13 we read about Moses sending 12 spies into the land God was giving them to scout it out.  Although the land was amazing they were fearful of the inhabitants, Numbers 13:27-29.  This fear stopped them from wholeheartedly stepping into Gods plans for them.

They were forgetting that God had told them the land was theirs; they just needed to take it.

Has God called and have you have ventured into it only to be derailed by circumstance?  Is God asking you to step out again but you are afraid?

One spy named Caleb saw the exact same things that the other spies did but gave a different report.  He was more than happy to step wholeheartedly into the land because he trusted God, Numbers 13:30.

He wasn’t fearful of the obstacles before him; he was in wonder of what God would do to give them victory.  He saw what they saw, he experienced what they experienced and was happy to step into it wholeheartedly.  Caleb’s whole heartedness pleased God, Numbers 14:24.

Sometimes the pain of life causes us to take our eyes off God and focus on ourselves.  When we do this we lose the wonder of journeying with the God of the impossible!

When you lose your wonder life isn’t as wonderful.  Suddenly life isn’t lived in the vitality and excitement of “what if…” It’s lived in the defeat of “won’t work!”

Wonder is a gift we have as followers of Christ.  It ignites our journey, it strengthens us and it allows us to think about how the impossible can become a reality.

Our God is a wonderful God, Psalms 40:5, Psalms 72:18-19.  As His children we can live a life of wonder, surrendering to His plans and daring to step out into the unknown to see what He has in store for us.  It’s in this place we feel alive as we marvel at who He is.

Is there something God has put in your heart that you have lost your wonder about?  Maybe it’s something with your family or an opportunity that you feel has been lost?

Dare to wonder again!  Dare to believe that God can make a way where there is none! Dare to trust in a wonderful God who invites us to wonder.


You are truly wonderful.  I am sorry for taking my eyes off You and losing my wonder.  I choose today to let go of fear and embrace the wonder I have as a child of God.


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