Encouragement for the discouraged

How do you feel as a parent at the moment? Do you feel you are smashing it or are you feeling disillusioned? Parenting is a challenging task and we can easily feel discouraged thinking that we have little impact on the lives of those around us. If you feel your parenting is hopeless today I want to encourage you that your labour is not fruitless.

My daughter was sick the other day and I needed to take her to the hospital. As I went out to the car I noticed that her sister had gone out before and put her pillow in the car and laid her blanket out for her. I was so touched that she had thought of her sister and made sure she had what she needed in her unwell state. I was overjoyed that she did it of her own volition and I thought to myself some of what I am teaching my kids must be having an impact!

As parents we can sometimes feel that we aren’t doing a good job at all. We feel that we are constantly speaking but nobody is listening! We wonder if all the times we have reminded them to say please and thank you, to share and be kind and thoughtful to others has had any impact at all?

But it is when I see little acts of kindness like this that I am reassured as a parent that I must be doing something right. It’s the same when someone compliments me on one of my kids: I feel good inside and I feel reassured that I must be doing something right.

I want to encourage you to savour these moments of encouragement in your life. They may seem small but if you allow them they can have a huge impact on your life. Often we can overlook these small encouragements because we don’t know how to receive them or we think we are unworthy to receive them, “you should see how they behave at home!” Sometimes we simply don’t take the time to value precious moments because we are busily moving onto what is next.

These moments or compliments can be used as a fuel to revitalise us as parents. They can be an opportunity for us to pause and realise that we are doing a good job. We can be encouraged that all we are hoping and dreaming for our children can in fact become a reality.

Did you know that Jesus received encouragement from His Father? In Matt 3:16-17 we read that as Jesus was being baptized the heavens opened and God spoke saying, “this is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy”. What an incredible moment that would have been! Jesus hearing His Father acknowledge who He was and that He was pleased with him. I wonder what that encouragement meant to Him as He went into the desert alone.

I think as parents we can sometimes feel as though we are in the desert alone. It is in these times we can call upon God to encourage us and allow those that He puts in our lives to remind us that He has given us everything we need to do this job well.

Next time you experience a precious moment or receive an encouraging word take the time to pause and take it in. Allow the truth to wash over you and refresh you in your parenting journey. Although you may not always see it, the seed you are sowing will produce good fruit.

Thank You for my family. Will You help me to see those moments where my kids are living out the things I have taught them and let it be an encouragement to me to keep going on.

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