Not Just Another Book Part 2

Don’t waste your time in the Bible

This week I want to follow on from last week and focus on turning our time in the word from dreary to captivating. The word of God can be exciting when we take the time to absorb ourselves into it.  I have been shocked at the content found within its pages.  I have been thrilled by the stories of battle and moved by the accounts of loss.  Romance, betrayal, poetry and wisdom, all are found within its pages.

Not Just Another Book Part 1

Missing out on the value of God’s word

As a little girl I marveled at my mother’s bible.  Its cover was worn and the corners were scuffed.  Every time she picked it up its pages would drop out unless she squeezed it hard with her fingers.  This often happened as she was trying to get into the car juggling her handbag and keys in one hand and her decapitated bible in the other.   The thin page margins were covered in her writing and the printed words underscored and highlighted.  But what I remember most was her face when people offered to buy her another bible. I could see the struggle in her eyes.