Are you living your life like it is a dress rehearsal?

Months ago my neighbour was doing renovations to his house and as we talked to him about the huge scale of the renovations he was making, he said “I am doing all this now because I am 70 something and this is not a dress rehearsal!”  His statement caused me to pause and ponder… Am I living my life like it is a dress rehearsal? Am I complacent in my life and seeing it as a practice run before the main event?

The value of the half story

Today I want to share with you the importance of your half story.  I think especially as Christians we like to keep our struggles to ourselves.  We don’t want to admit to others that there are problems in our marriage, with our children and in our personal relationship with God.  We put on our ‘Sunday’ faces when there is pain and confusion brewing underneath. 

Why do the wicked seem to win?

Hello Abiding Providence family,  I am really happy to be coming to you via video today.  I’m so excited that video gives me the opportunity to go a little deeper into the word than I get to do in my regular posts.  So I’m looking forward to being able to offer you more opportunities to be inspired, encouraged and equipped you in your journey with God.